The Divine Mother Speaks
The Healing of the Human Heart

iGod -The Film

Rashmi Khilnani

Author - Co-producer iGod

Energy Master  - Healer - Teacher - Channel

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The Divine Mother Speaks - The Healing of the Human Heart

Everything in this book you already know within you

but that’s how things are anyways.

  1. If you want to have the latest update on the change of frequencies leading up to 2012 and the ending of the Mayan Calendar.

  1. If you want To come to a deeper acceptance and love of yourself and others.

  1. If you want a deeper sense of peace and friendship with your heart.

  1. If your intention is to come to a greater sense of Grace and Ease in this time of fast changing paradigms.

  1. If you want effortless keys to fire your encodings into deeper states of Christ Consciousness.

Then this book is for you.

The wisdom teachings of all time made simple. Egyptian Mystery School decoded and brought to your doorstep.  The Divine Mother speaks powerfully, eloquently and bestows an Ocean of Benediction and Grace through this powerful yet simple material.  The Sacred Marriage of the Divine Mother and Father energies and the application of Egyptian Alchemy for the balancing and marrying of your male and female energies within and without and also for the balancing of the right and left hemispheres of the human brain and the brain of Gaia herself to come into greater balance and groundedness as you literally are becoming a body of light grounded on earth here now in this amazing time to come.

An extensive in depth simple understanding of Universal Life Force Energy of Energy in its multifaceted forms – the energy of love, the elements and the primordial energies of the Universe made simple for you to use in becoming conscious co-creators in this time of bringing and becoming Heaven On Earth.

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