Shiva Speaks

Rashmi Khilnani

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Shiva Speaks

Maha Avatar Babaji teaches us here now


The Christ Yogi Maha Avatar Babaji teaches us, here now, as channelled by Rashmi Khilnani author of ‘The Divine Mother Speaks on the healing of the human heart’ and ‘The Buddha Speaks on the Buddha nature within’.

  1. If you would like to raise your consciousness from an ego based living and being to unity awareness

  1. If you wish for a current update on the teachings of Maha Avatar Babaji

  1. If you wish to follow the Shiva path to enlightenment in the dawning Age of Aquarius

  1. If you wish for greater truth, simplicity and love in your life, moment to moment here now

  1. If you are wishing for an accelerated transformation of your shadow self from     base metal to gold

  1. If you wish for self realisation through the great energy of humour

  1. If you wish for the great grace and benediction of a very pure direct emanation of maha avataric energy


I would like here to share this incredible force field of meditative wisdom with you my fellow brothers and sisters and Babaji has assured me that he has imbued the words in this book with energetic grace, courage, truth, simplicity and love.  This means that you can have an intellectual understanding of his incredible teachings or a rereminder for those who are already familiar with this knowledge.   Actually this work has the capacity, within your free will and a speed of your choosing, to give you an energetic, experiential understanding of Babaji’s world of love.


Spiritual Food, Comforting and Revealing!

From Living Avatar Rashmi Khilnani She is a Wonderful and deep author- I have "Shiva Speaks" and it's like food, I get full and have to put it down and ponder what I have read sometimes for weeks. The Mysteries she revealed to me in this book have opened my mind to beyond reality possibilities. I have been a Buddhist initiate for 18 years and have read hundreds of well written books- Rashmi is a LIGHT even among lights. Get to know this mystical woman and her world beyond words. The book is alive !

The essence of Babaji

The words of the author are spoken with clarity and feeling. The spirit of Shiva shines brightly throughout. I have desired to know Babaji and this book has helped further illustrate his essence. I am grateful for the opportunity to have read Shiva Speaks.

a radical opening of the heart

Reading "Shiva speaks" the energy of Babaji took me back to the original point of creation of All that Is, the tiny little black hole in the center of my Sacred Heart.

There I found again the perfect peace of resting in beigness, beyond form or manifestation, even beyond the witness of manifestation.

From that place of pure potential ,the womb of the Original Mother, I returned to myself understanding the sacred meaning of the Maha Mantra:

Om Namah Shivaya

I take refuge in the inner God.. At the end there is nothing more than That, or That is all the Is.

Thank you Rashmi for this radical opening to the real nature of Love.

Maria Paz Cuevas

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