The Divine Mother Speaks
The Healing of the Human Heart

Rashmi Khilnani

Author - Spiritual Film Maker

Energy Master  - Healer - Teacher - Channel

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“I like to see this ancient wisdom be available to people in a contemporary work that can enrich the heart. I highly recommend it!”

Leonard Orr, Father of Rebirthing

“Rashmi has a tremendous spiritual insight into the mystery of reality and I am glad that she has tapped into the wisdom of the ancient ascended ones to write a modern-day guide to help us all with healing our heart traumas and to navigate through the stormy seas of life.”

Frank Craven, Whats Ailing/Healing USAmerica

“This is a powerful initiation for Reiki Masters and Healers of all denominations to expanded awareness on the path. A little book with a lot of the wisdom teachings  made simple. It continues to surprise me with new angles on issues as I reopen it again and again.”

Timiann Melissa Olsen, REM-Karuna-Reiki Master Teacher Healer

“The Divine Mother Speaks, is a revolutionary way to find yourself and to be a part to wake the global consciousness...

Rashmi writes in a moving and passionate way about all the different things to keep in mind when awakening ones innerself...

This is one of those books that is hard to put away again. I can recommend to read it twice.”

Lars Bo - FireBall - AUM

“A powerful book written by Rashmi in a very simple manner. It is a must for people on the spiritual path especialy the teachers and students of healing modalities. The ancient wisdom is put across so effortlesly that just by reading it the healing process starts. It is highly recommended to anyone and everyone.”

C. Kaul, Reiki Master - Rebirther

“I personally have the privelege of knowing Rashmi Khilnani. With integrity and a higher calling her book is a light to guide us to connecting to source and to one another. I encourage all to get this book and put it into practice. Your life will be transformed when you open your heart and mind to eternal truths that transend religion.”

W. D’Orta, NY

“I really enjoyed reading Rashmi’s most recent book The Divine Mother Speaks. After knowing Rashmi for years I am glad that she was able to share some of her experiences through this powerful book. This is a must read for anyone interested in Reiki and instant healing. Rashmi’s insightful look into the raising of conciusness is a very powerful perspective. So for the teachers and students of all healing modalities do yourself a favour and pick up this book.”

D.T. Sizemore

“A powerful expeirience.”

Golden Hawk, Radio host

“So much love and wisdom are filling each page of The Divine Mother Speaks. Its like being taken by the hand by someone who wants to give you the best advise and support for your journey through life. The wisdom that have existed for so long but needs to be brought back into our hearts, be embraced and be acknowledged.

Namaste Inger, Sweden

“Rashmi's book transports us to the frequency of the Goddess Hathor and into our hearts.  Very movingly expressed, just reading it encourages our hearts to open and our spiritual aspect to vibrate.  I enjoy opening it at random from time to time and seeing just what will make my heart sing in that moment.  A treasure to own or give as a gift to those we love.” 


Amravati Mitchell,

Egyptian Sekhem Master Teacher, Reiki Energy Master,

Feng Shui Teacher and Consultant

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