The Divine Mother Speaks
The Healing of the Human Heart

Rashmi Khilnani

Author - Co-producer iGod

Energy Master  - Healer - Teacher - Channel

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Product Details
Pub. Date Sep 2010 
Publisher: Rainbow Ridge Publishing
Format: Paperback. 131pp
ISBN-13: 9780984495504
ISBN: 0984495509
Distribution: Square One Publishers, NY

From Rainbow Ridge Publications 
Introducing our first title
THE DIVINE MOTHER SPEAKS: The Healing of the Human Heart
by Rashmi Khilnani 
The ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor personifies the principles of love, motherhood, and joy. One of the most important deities in ancient Egypt, Hathor was worshiped by royalty and common people alike. She is depicted as “Mistress of the West” and welcomed the dead into the next life.
In The Divine Mother Speaks, Rashmi Khilnani simplifies the wisdom teachings of Hathor, and decodes the Egyptian Mystery School. Here is an extensive, in-depth, yet simple understanding of universal life force energy in its multifaceted forms—the energy of love, the elements and the primordial energies of the universe made simple for anyone to use in becoming conscious co-creators in this time of bringing, and becoming, heaven on earth.

Pressrelease of the book
oct 2010 

How is it in a world so full of things, we can feel so empty?  In today's hustle and bustle of trying to be everywhere, doing everything at once we have lost our connection to nature, each other, and worst of all, ourselves.  [We] have become attached to [our] stresses as an art form!  This is the time to become Human Being[s] and release [our] attachment to doing, rushing and busy-ness.  As the Bible says, "Be Still and Know."
Rashmi Khilnani has written a new book, The Divine Mother Speaks: The Healing of the Human Heart.  She takes the reader on a journey through the teachings of the ancient world, which calls on us to open our hearts to open our minds.  The book makes the complex world of heart healing simple enough for anyone to use and follow.  She is also co-producing a documentary on God with Neale Donald Walsch and Robert Friedman, titled iGod.  The film features Rashmi Khilnani, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and many other famous specialists in the field of metaphysics and spirituality.  
Rashmi Khilnani was born in Chandigarh, India and spent the first six years of her life in Cairo, Egypt. After establishing a global business with her former husband, she went on to study and teach with world-renowned avatars, gurus and teachers and became a specialist in energy medicine.  She is on the forefront of bringing the ancient Mystery School teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet, China and the teachings of the Essenes into current time and making these teachings simple and accessible to people at all levels of soul journeying. She is the daughter of one of the foremost families of India. Her father was foreign correspondent of the Times of India newspaper in Cairo, and then was later transferred to London to act as foreign correspondent for England.  He went on to then become editor of one of the most important newspapers in India.
The Divine Mother Speaks is being published by Rainbow Ridge Books and distributed by Square One Publishers. Her publisher, Robert S. Friedman, seasoned veteran of the industry, is the co-founder of Hampton Roads Publishing Company and original publisher of Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God series.
Rashmi Khilnani is available for interview, please contact Sara Sgarlat for scheduling.

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