Art of the Heart


Rashmi is a contemporary visionary embodying the heaven on earth energies of the Goddess of the Cosmic Heart, within the realms from unmanifest to manifest.  As a modern Boddhisatva she paints her books with words of energetic compassion and love; similarly her works of art are an incredible juxtapositioning of the extraordinary and the mundane aspects of divinity and humanity in the oneness soup.   Through the use of vivid colour, texture, visual aesthetics and passionate harmony, her works transport us to the peace and the stillness beyond the dust and the storms of life’s journey.  As she works with sacred sound, light, vibration, frequency of love and the energy of heart, these are strongly encapsulated in her paintings.

Khilnani has been a global traveller from conception and her incredible life adventures have created a rich and varied ‘tapestry’ of impressions that bleed  in the most delightful and healing patterns across the magic carpet of her ’Divine’ Creativity.  Rashmi’s gifts are offered to this planet through the Art of the Heart,  co-producing the film ‘I God’, and her 3 books ‘The Divine Mother Speaks.  The Healing of the Human Heart’, ‘Buddha Speaks’ and ‘Shiva Speaks’.   She also hosts the Rashmi Khilnani Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio, creates through photography and philanthropic endeavours as a peace ambassadress of conscious co-creation on planet earth here now.

Rashmi’s Energy Master seminars for Reiki Masters and healers are on

Rashmi’s Art of the Heart, books, film ‘I God’, and radio shows are on